Personality Edit

Kitrina is overall a very loud, but a very social girl. She is the direct definition of an extrovert. She loves people and gets her energy from being with them. However, if she's alone for long periods of time, her loneliness sets in. She becomes a mixture of being depressed and anxious. Despite her loud, unable-to-read-the-mood personality, she is still a very kind and sweet person who is willing to lend a hand for a friend or even a stranger. An aspect of her that Catarina always comments positively on is her smile. Kitrina's smile is near-contagious.

Appearance Edit

Kitrina dresses herself with dark blue jeans, a light blue v-neck shirt, and a brown vest. She wears an orange ribbon that is tied to her short, blonde hair. She wears black sneakers and her eyes are a light teal like her sister's.

Childhood Edit

Kitrina spent most of her life on Earth since she was unable to use her Zodiac ability at the time. When she was born, she actually had died due to complications. However, Catarina, a mere newborn, cried for her sister and unintentionally re-created her in a way. That is why Catarina and Kitrina, despite being twins, look completely different. Catarina made Kitrina reborn, in a way.

Kitrina lived her whole life with her father, who trained her to fight demons and made her memorize every single type. Because Kitrina can never stay in one spot, she did not have the patience to sit down and read about the demons. She did, though, excel at physical training.

When Kitrina heard that her twin, Catarina, was going to stay with her and her dad, she was elated. She is not emotionally affected by the death of her mother because she did not know her.

Zodiac Ability Edit

Kitrina's Zodiac is a Gemini. A Gemini ability allows the person to survive in toxic air as well as hold their breath for roughly thirty minutes. These abilities are automatic and do not need to be learned. If the user trains enough, a Gemini ability is very good for speed as well as for long battles.

Because a Gemini's sign is the Twin, a Gemini user is typically born with a twin. If a twin dies, the user can create a new twin. 

In order for a Gemini to unlock their potential, they must sync with their twin and they will eventually be able to fight together.

Trivia Edit

-Kitrina does not hate Ren, but cannot stand his rude comments

-The orange headband Kitrina wears was a gift from her parents when she was born. Catarina has a green one, but she wears it around her head rather than on the side of her head.

-Kitrina is calm with friendships but easily flustered in relationships

-If electronics were functional, Kitrina would binge-watch action movies

-Kitrina is aware that Catarina is mentally stronger than her, but tries not to let it bother her

-Kitrina looks up to Rae Na as a mother figure

-Despite her brave attitude, Kitrina is easily scared by demons (And her torture by Tomino did not make it better)