Personality Edit

Catarina is known by many people to have a sharp tongue when she speaks despite being a quiet girl. She does not have a lot of patience with loud people either since she finds them annoying. The only people she tries to have patience with is with Kitrina and Daniel. Additionally, Catarina does not like it when people are incredibly formal with her because she feels that it is unneeded, so she prefers the nickname, "Cat," as opposed to her full name. Because Daniel is bullied a lot, Catarina also has a strong resentment against bullies. To her, it does not matter who they are, it is merely unacceptable.

Appearance Edit

Catarina dresses in a casual attire. She wears a green, baggy sweatshirt along with a black-and-green-checked skirt that reaches just above her knees. She wears brown boots that go as high as the middle of her lower legs. Her hair color is a mix of red and black. Her bangs are red while the rest of her hair is black. She always wears a green headband. Her eyes are a light teal.

Childhood Edit

Catarina spent the majority on her life living on Earth because she was unable to use her Zodiac ability at the time. Her parents were divorced, so she lived with her mom while her sister lived with her dad. Unfortunately, the toxic air on Earth began to spread even further and eventually found its way in Catarina's home. The air killed her mother, but did not kill Catarina.

The story takes place three years after the death of her mother, as Catarina is now living with her father and sister.

Zodiac Ability Edit

Catarina's Zodiac is a Gemini. A Gemini ability allows the person to survive in toxic air as well as hold their breath for roughly thirty minutes. These abilities are automatic and do not need to be learned. If the user trains enough, a Gemini ability is very good for speed as well as for long battles.

Because a Gemini's sign is the Twin, a Gemini user is typically born with a twin. If a twin dies, the user can create a new twin.

In order for a Gemini to unlock their potential, they must sync with their twin and they will eventually be able to fight together.

Trivia Edit

-Catarina's favorite book genre is action

-Catarina is very strong mental and physically, but she finds that her sister is physically stronger

-She feels that she is inferior to her sister both socially and physically

-Catarina is very protective of Daniel, but holds no romantic feelings for him

-The green headband Catarina always wears was a gift from her parents from when he was born. Kitrina has a similar headband, but she wears it like a ribbon.

-Catarina looks up to Zandra like a mother